Salo - Children´s Song City

In 1990 the first Children’s Song Competition was organised in Salo, initiated by one individual, the late Mrs Alla Bergen, together with a few enthusiasts.  The following year this local venue grew into being a national one - and even international in 1992. A decision was made to concentrate on children’s culture - and children’s songs in particular.

Two years later the event was adjoined to a dance festival. Thanks to this, the event became more and more celebrated among children and youngsters, who today make this event “Salo - Lasten Laulukaupunki” into a Big Festival.

The main sponsor for the Children’s Song City is the Council of Salo.
However, the overall responsibility for organising the event lies with the association Lasten Laulukaupunki ry, the aim of which is to provide children and their families with high class children’s culture together with opportunities of performing in front of a live audience. In this way the organisation strives to promote music hobbies among young people and wishes to add to the appreciation of music for the children, both nationally and internationally.

The association consists of enterprises, social groups and private persons.

The event is held in June every year.

Our address

Lasten Laulukaupunki ry
Myllyojankatu 18-20
24100 Salo


GSM 044 7312332


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